YouHodler is a platform where you can buy, sell, trade, save (with interest) and receive loans (on) 17 cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum etc), 7 Stable Coins (Tether USDC, USDT etc) and conventional currencies ($, €, £).

The main principle the company is founded on is that you don’t have to Trade Cryptocurrencies (buy low sell high) to yield profits, but you can earn just by HODLing.

It offers the opportunity to Store Cryptocurrencies & Stable Coins with Interest which can reach up to 12% (APY), compounds and is paid off weekly in your account.

In addition, it offers Loans in Euros, Dollars, Pounds & Francs which you can get by putting 20+ Cryptos as collateral.

Finally, if you’re looking to increase interest rates that you get on your deposits by accepting higher risks, it offers Features such as Multi-HODL TurboCharger.

All of the above, take place in a simple and easy-to-use app, which is available on mobile and Web Browsers.

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YouHODLer Guide Index:

YouHodler Sign up Bonus

₿ Cryptos: 


⚖️ Stable Coins:


💱 Fiat Νομίσματα:

4 ($, €, £, CHF)

🛒 Αγορά Κρύπτο:

🏦 Crypto Saving Accounts:

🤲 Λήψη Δανείων:

💰 Επιτόκιο BTC (APY):


💰 Επιτόκιο ETH (APY):


💰 Επιτόκιο Stable Coins (APY):


♻️ Ανατοκιζόμενο Επιτόκιο:

⚒️ Τρόποι Αγοράς:


💸 Χρεώσεις Αγοράς:

Δες εδώ

💳  Ελάχιστη Κατάθεση:

Δες εδώ

🖥️ Desktop App:

📱 Mobile App:

🌐 Ιστοσελίδα:

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I’m not a professional investment advisor and the following information is not an investment suggestion, only a guide to help you.

Always keep in mind that investment = risk! 
Especially when we’re talking about cryptocurrencies, which are incredibly volatile!
Only invest money you’re willing to lose!
Crypto deposits are not regulated or insured by any legal entities.

What YouHodler is

What YouHodler is

YouHodler is a new entry in the Crypto Platforms world, founded in late 2018 with Ilya Volkov as CEO.

The YouHodler project begun its development since 2017 and listed its first customer in November of 2018, as Volkov himself mentioned in an interview.

The company’s name comes from HODL.
HODL is a slang term in the online crypto community for when you “hold” any crypto for a long time instead of selling them on any short-term Spikes on their value.

The idea behind HODLing, is that cryptocurrency value will keep increasing as time goes on, become more integrated in our society and find more everyday use than just that of an online niche.

Take for example, Bitcoin’s insane increase in value in the last couple of years and see for yourself, that if the Bitcoin Pizza Guy was a HODLer, today, he’d have more than $380.000.000 instead of 2 pizzas!

Finally, the term “HODL” comes from the “legendary typo” of a forum user who was yelling: “I AM HODLING”, meaning he wasn’t gonna sell his Bitcoins but keep them for the long run.
There are even people, who took the typo to the next level and gave it a new meaning: “Hold On for Dear Life”.

Boring company infrastructure analysis – Skip if bored

The company is based in the European Union and has two main offices in Cyprus and Switzerland.

After conducting my mini-research, I found out that YouHodler attends to customers through two companies under the umbrella of the main one:

The first one is Naumard LTDwith offices in Limassol in Cyprus (Arch Makariou III, 172, Melford Tower)

And the second being YouHodler SA, with offices in Lausanne  in Switzerland (Rue du Valentin 1, 1004)

Moreover, the company is an active member of the Crypto Valley Association and Blockchain Association of Financial Commission.

End of boredom

YouHodler is an Exchange platform, where you can buy and sell Crypto and Stable Coins either with real money (fiat money) or with Crypto/Stable Coins.

The platform also offers crypto savings accounts where you can earn interest (up to 12%) on your deposits.

These deposits are in turn used as loans for other users who guarantee loans will be paid back in full by placing their own crypto on as collateral.

All this through a friendly and easy-to-use platform, oriented towards both beginners and advanced Crypto owners.

In the next chapter we’ll take a deeper look on the services YouHodler offers:

What You Can Do with YouHodler

YouHodler features

YouHodler is an all-inclusive crypto experience that has everything any crypto owner/investor might ever need.
It might not offer the plethora of features Crypto.com has, however will cover most user demands more than decently.

Through the App you ca:

  • Buy & Sell Digital Assets – Exchange

  • Store & Save 17 Crypto, 7 Stable Coins & 4 Fiat Currencies

  • Earn Interest on Your Crypto

  • Receive Loans with Crypto as Collateral – Crypto Loans

  • Increase your profits (as well as risk) through the Multi-HODL TurboCharge features.

Let’s take a closer look:

Buying & Selling Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Buy & Sell Bitcoin and Cryptos
Buy & Sell Bitcoin, Ethereum etc

On YouHodler you can exchange among Crypto, Stable Coins Conventional Currencies through your Wallet.

So if you’re looking for a platform where you can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum or other Cryptos, then YouHodler is what you need.

Think of YouHodler Wallet as a big wallet where you can store all your coins and trade them whenever you want to.

Before you complete any transaction (purchase or exchange), YouHodler will inform you on any fees & commissions that apply:

Buying Bitcoin through YouHodler
Buy Bitcoin

Read More on Fees on YouHodler▶

Through the app, you can buy, sell, trade and save the following coins, easily, even if you’re a complete beginner:

Available Cryptocurrencies

Here are the 17 Cryptocurrencies YouHodler supports:

Bitcoin (BTC)Ethereum (ETH)
(LINK)UniSwap (UNI)
Compound (COMP)Maker (MKR)
LiteCoin (LTC)Ripple (XRP)
Stellar (XLM)Binance Coin (BNB)
Pax Gold (PAXG)Dash (DASH)
Basic Attention Coin (BAT)
Supported Crypto on YouHodler

Available Stable Coins

The 7 Stable Coins supported on YouHodler are:


Supported Stable Coins on YouHodler

Available Convention Currencies (Fiat)

The 4 Fiat currencies YouHodler supports are:

Euros (€)USD ($)
Pounds (£)Swiss Francs (CHF)

Supported Fiat Currencies on YouHodler

Savings Accounts with Interest

Savings Accounts for Bitcoin and Crypto through YouHodler
Earn interest on your Crypto

As we mentioned before, YouHodler is based on the principle of HODLing your Digital Assets instead of selling them on their first short-term spike.

In order to stay true to their goals, they encourage users to keep their cryptos stored in Crypto Saving Accounts by offering double profit opportunities:

  • From the long-term rise on value of Crypto

  • From the Savings Interest it offers

When storing your Cryptos & Stable Coins in a Crypto Saving Account, you receive weekly interest, which ranges from 2.5% (for COMP) and can reach up to 12% (for Stable Coins).
The interest they offer on Bitcoin is 4.8% (APY) and 5.5% (APY) on Ethereum.
More on each currency’s Interest rates below.

Apart from that, some things worth mentioning are that:

  • Interest is paid off weekly in your account

  • Earn interest on the same currency you’re storing (Bitcoin on Bitcoin)
  • There are no commitments on your deposits (you can withdraw them at any time)

  • Interest is compounding.
    (Check the importance of Compounding Interest)

  • Interest is calculated on an annual basis
    (12% APY = 12% Annual Percentage Yield)

So if you have Crypto or Stable Coins just laying around doing nothing, that you’re not using or actively Trading, then a Saving Account will yield you passive interest on them:

Crypto Interest

The Annual Interest Rates on Crypto that YouHodler offers:

Bitcoin (BTC) – 4.8%

Ethereum (ETH) – 5.5%

(LINK) – 6.2%

UniSwap (UNI) – 7%

Compound (COMP) – 2.5%

Maker (MKR) – 2.5%

LiteCoin (LTC) – 5.5%

Ripple (XRP) – 4.5%

Stellar (XLM) – 4.5%

Binance Coin (BNB) – 3%

Pax Gold (PAXG) – 8.2%

Dash (DASH) – 5.5%

(BCH) – 5.5%

(BSV) – 4.5%

(HT) – 3%

(REP) – 2.5%

Basic Attention Coin (BAT) – 3%

Crypto APY on YouHodler

Stable Coins Interest

The Annual Interest Rates of Stable Coins that YouHdler offers:

USDT – 12%

USDC – 12%

PAX – 12%

TUSD – 12%

DAI – 12%

HUSD – 12%

EURS – 12%

Stable Coins APY on YouHodler

Check how Crypto Saving Accounts work, in this short video:

Loans with Crypto as Collateral

Loans with Crypto as Collateral
Receive loans with Crypto as Collateral

A common problem people face when investing in Crypto, is liquidating their assets when they need cash (or conventional currency).

The procedure can get rather complicated and might even take a couple of days to complete.
You’ll need to transfer your crypto to some exchange or some Crypto Broker, sell them and then transfer your money back to a bank account in order to finally use it.

YouHodler offers its own solution to all this hassle – introducing: Crypto Loans.

It offers the opportunity to receive a loan in Euros, USD, Pounds, Francs and Bitcoin and use any of the 20 supported cryptocurrencies as collateral, without needing to sell any of it.

In a few words:
YouHodler offers you a loan, you use your crypto as collateral, when the loan is paid off, you get your (collateral) crypto back.

Here’s how YouHodler describes the procedure:

  1. You transfer the crypto you want to use as collateral to your YouHodler Wallet
  2. You request your loan which gets approved immediately.
    The fact that it’s instant is due to the fact that YouHodler is not a P2P Lending platform where “offer” and “demand” meet, but more of a “pawnbroker”.

  3. After your loan goes through, you can withdraw your money either through bank transfer or by credit/debit card.

  4. Finally, when you pay back your loan, you’ll receive your crypto-collateral back.
    You can use a credit/debit card, bank transfer or Stable Coins to pay it back.

Check where the competition stands, as far as Crpyto Loans are concerned:

Crypto Loans Competition
statistics from 22.12.20

More on how Crypto Loans work, here:

Multi HODL

Multi Hodl Youhodler

Let’s tale a look at how Multi-HODL works:

YouHodler Security

The phrase “Not your keys, not your Crypto” once again is here to raise problems for potential crypto-investors.

The only way for your crypto to be 100% safe is to keep them in your own Cold Crypto Wallet (such as Ledger Nano X or S).

Like in every online crypto platform (be it an exchange, broker or Crypto Lending), in order to access the security features that they offer, you have to keep your crypto on them.

Which means, that you also have the risk of losing your Crypto if the platform:

  • is hacked

  • turns out to be fraud or a scam (check Mt. Gox)

YouHodler Security - is it a scam?
YouHodler & Ledger Vault Partnership

What YouHodler does in order to ensure transactions are made securely and smoothly are the following:

Finally, the company operates in accordance to EU legislature and regulations.

However, YouHodler is a rather newly-formed company (2018), with not much experience and track record in the crypto industry (whatever this might imply for the company).

Furthermore, in July of 2019, YouHodler was hacked which resulted in 86.000.000 leaked user information files.

Nevertheless, as is the case with any type of investments, the No1 rule is never to invest more money than you’re “ok” with losing.

Fees, Commissions & Limitations

Before we continue to account creation, let’s take a look at fees, commissions but also limitations that YouHodler has in place for deposits & withdrawals of either Fiat or Crypto currencies.

You can transfer to your YouHodler account both Fiat money (Eur, USD, Pounds & Francs) but also Cryptocurrency.

Deposits can be made through both:

  • Bank Transfer

  • Credit/Debit Card

Let’s see what rules apply:

Fees & Deposit Limitations

Χρεώσεις & Προμήθειες Κατάθεσης

🏦 Κατάθεση μέσω Τρ. Εμβάσματος:


💳 Κατάθεση μέσω Κάρτας:


₿ Κατάθεση Crypto:


⚖️ Κατάθεση Stable Coins:


Όρια Κατάθεσης

₿ Κρυτονομίσματα:

min αξίας $5

🏦 Τρ. Έμβασμα:

min €100

Fees & Withdrawal Limitations

Χρεώσεις Ανάληψης Χρημάτων

🏦 μέσω Εμβάσματος (SEPA):

€5 έως €55

💳 μέσω Κάρτας:

2.2% έως 3.5%

Χρεώσεις Ανάληψης Crypto


Δωρεάν (μόνο Blockchain Fees)


Ισχύουν Fees

Χρεώσεις Ανάληψης Stable Coins


$3 έως $7

Όρια Ανάληψης

₿ Κρυπτονομίσματα:

min αξίας $5

⚖️ Stable Coins:

min αξίας $5

💳 μέσω Κάρτας:

min €2

🏦 μέσω Εμβάσματος (SEPA):

min €50

Keep in mind that these numbers and percentages might change. You can always learn more about the exact fees that apply through your Wallet App during any Withdrawal/Deposit.

Finally, you can check, live, all conversion rates that YouHodler charges through the Conversion Widget.

Account Creation

The big moment has arrived!
Let’s check how we can create a Free YouHodler Account:

What we’re gonna need:

  • Official ID Card:
    Passport, ID (in Latin characters) or Driver’s License

  • Mobile Phone

  • Internet Connection

How long does the Sign Up take?

Signing up is pretty quick and can be done through either mobile devices or PCs.

It’s much faster compared to other platforms (such as Crypto.com or Celsius.Network) since no proof of residency is required.

Verifications takes up to 24 hours to complete and when it’s done, you’ll be notified via SMS.

Let’s take a look, step by step, how to create a free YouHodler account:

Step 1:
Account Creation

To begin the creation, click/tap “Get Started” on the main YouHodler page.

The following will appear on the screen, and you’ll be asked to fill in the country you live in, an email address and also set a password for your account.

YouHodler Account Creation

After you click/tap “Sign Up”, you’ll be redirected to the app’s main page.

YouHodler Main Menu

Let’s not get hasty though. Before we start investing, we need to verify our account, by choosing: “Verify your identity to unlock all platform Services”.

Step 2:
Account Verification

In order to verify our account, we’ll need to upload some photos of our legal documents.

I recommend completing the account creation through the YouHodler App through your mobile device, since it’s easier to use your mobile’s camera.
*You’re gonna download it sooner or later anyway.

So, by selecting “Verify your identity to unlock all platform Services” we’ll need to upload a photo of a document that verifies it’s us.

YouHodler Account Verification
Upload Identity Document

You can either use your mobile’s camera to upload the photos instantly or choose a file to upload.


  • If you have a Passport, use it! The verification will be much quicker.
  • If your ID is in non-Latin characters, things will be hard. I don’t think it’ll be valid. You can try however, and let me know in the comments if you succeeded.

Next, we’ll need to upload a Selfie of ourselves with the identity document we used in the previous step.

YouHodler Account Creation
Upload Selfie & Document

One way or another, they need to make sure that you, are actually you, and you didn’t steal your parents’ Passport and started opening Crypto Lending accounts left and right.

Next up, we’re asked to fill in some personal information, such as Full Name, Country of residence, Date of Birth etc.

YouHodler Account Personal Information

Last but not least, we’ll need to select our source of funds for deposits to our YouHodler account.
*It’s not binding, you can select more than one.

YouHodler Source of Funds


We’re ready!

In a couple of hours, YouHodler will check your documents and will let you know if everything is good to go, or if you need to redo some step.
*My account was verified in 30 minutes.

When this verification is complete, you’re ready to fund your YouHodler account with Cryptocurrency.
In order to deposit fiat money ($, €) either by card or bank transfer to your account, you’ll also need to complete the following verifications

Step 3:
Advanced Account Verifications

Advanced Account Verifications

The extra verifications you can make are:

  • Mobile Phone Verification
    Through verification SMS

  • Email Verification
    Through verification email

  • Proof of Residency
    Through any official document that has your address on it (for example Utility Bills, Bank Statements etc)
    *In order for documents to be valid they need to be in Latin characters.
    For my Proof of Residency I used a Bank Statement from the N26 Digital Bank.

Money & Crypto Deposits

Money & Crypto Withdrawals

Customer Support

Customer Support is one of YouHodler strong suits.

The company takes pride in the VIP level of support they offer for all  their clients, available 24/7 through the chat feature of the app.

In order to have some actual evidence to present for this guide, I tried contacting them to see how fast they trully are.

They replied to the question I made at 7:20 am (yes I’m a morning guy) 28 minutes later.

YouHodler Customer Service
YouHodler Customer Service

Apart from my own experience, I tried conducting a mini-research on TrustPilot forums regarding customer support experiences.
In numerous entries, I encountered very positive comments regarding the level of customer support users received, but also some negative ones, which were however directed to other issues with the platform.

However, if you don’t feel like using the Live Chat feature with a company representative, you can always visit the Help Center and find answers to most commonly asked questions yourself.

Pros & Cons


  • Variety of Cryptos, Stable Coins & Fiat Currencies
  • Management of Cryptos, Stable Coins & Fiat Currencies through a single Wallet 
  • High Interest Rates on Crypto Saving Accounts up to 12% APY
  • Simple & Easy-to-Use App
  • Innovative Features Multi-HODL & Turbocharge
  • 24/7 Customer Service with very Positive Comments


  • Rather new entry in the Crypto world, founded in 2018
  • Less Security Features/Guarantees than competitors

My Opinion

Before I share my opinion on YouHodler, I want us to take a look at where the company stands in its TrustPilot reviews.
*I don’t usually take these reviews into serious consideration, however since YouHodler is still a “baby”, maybe these reviews & comments can help you make up your mind about it.

Currently it scores 4.5/5 under 450 reviews:

YouHodler Reviews

Positive reviews mostly regard its Customer Support, the Simplicity of the app and the platform in general as a product.

Positive YouHodler Reviews
Positive Opinions on YouHodler

On the other side of the coin, Negative reviews are mostly about bugs/glitches of the software or fees & commissions.

Negative YouHodler reviews
Negative Opinion on YouHodler

The good thing here, is that the company is active and replies to all TrustPilot reviews – positive or negative.

Bottom line, my YouHodler experience overall has been very positive.

On the positive side…

It’s a Wallet where you can combine Fiat, Crypto Stable Coins, all-in-one, and convert freely among them with a few clicks.

For Long Term Crypto Holders (i.e. those who don’t actively trade their cryptos) who want to earn interest on their Bitcoin, Ether and other cryptos, the Crypto Saving Accounts that the platform offers are definitely worth checking out.

Moreover, through Crypto Loans you can receive real money (Euro, USD) by using your crypto as collateral.

And finally, through the Multi-HODL & TurboCharge features, you can increase your profits, if you’re ok with the increased risks that come with them.

If then you have crypto laying around in some Crypto Exchange/Broker and you’re not interested in trading them or storing them in your Wallet, then YouHodler offers some great opportunities to utilize them to your benefit.

On the negative side…

It didn’t take me long to find out that in 2019, YouHodler was hacked and a lot of sensitive user information were leaked.

Even though YouHodler takes its security seriously, it’s apparent that it’s something they need to allocate more resources to.

Furthermore, a “stronger” insurance policy would also help, because insurance for funds up to $1.000.000 is not enough.

Alternative Crypto Lending Platforms

As crypto goes more and more mainstream – has been steadily on the rise for the last 6 years – new platforms keep sprouting everywhere like mushrooms after rain.

This means, the choices are always many – even too many sometimes.

The issue that arises:
Which of them are worth trying, are safe and offer a respectable product?

The Crypto Lending Platform I’ve tried in MoneyMinority are:

Celsius Sign up Bonus
Blockfi Sign up Bonus
Youhodler sign up bonus
Crypto.com Sign up Bonus

₿ Cryptos: 





⚖️ Stable Coins:





💰 Επιτόκιο BTC (min):





💰 Επιτόκιο BTC (max):





💰 Επιτόκιο ETH (min):





💰 Επιτόκιο ETH (max):





💰 Επιτόκιο Stable Coins (min):





💰 Επιτόκιο Stable Coins (max):





♻️ Ανατοκιζόμενο Επιτόκιο:

♻️ κάθε:




💰 Πληρωμή επιτοκίου:





🔒 Δέσμευση Crypto:




0, 1 ή 3 μήνες

💳  Min. Κατάθεση:





💸  Χρέωση Ανάληψης:


Πρώτη Δωρεάν
0.0025 BTC έπειτα

📱 Mobile App:

🖥️  Desktop App:

🏷️  Code:





🎁 Sign up Bonus:

Which one to choose?

If you’re looking for the Highest Interest Rates on crypto, check out Celsius.Network ▶

If you’re looking for a Simple, Trustworthy and non-complex solution, check out BlockFi ▶

And finally, if you’re looking for a complete & holistic solution around everything cryptocurrency, check out  Crypto.com ▶

You can read more about these alternative platforms in the guides I have prepared for you in MoneyMinority


Can I Buy Bitcoin on YouHodler?

Yes! On YouHodler you can buy and sell Bitcoin, as well as 16 other Crypto and 7 Stable Coins.

Can I Buy Ethereum on YouHodler?

Yes! On YouHodler you can buy and sell Ethereum, as well as 16 other Crypto and 7 Stable Coins.

Τι είναι το YouHodler;

YouHodler is a platform where you can buy, sell, trade, save (with interest) and receive loans (on) 17 cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum etc), 7 Stable Coins (Tether USDC, USDT etc) and conventional currencies ($, €, £).

Τι Προσφέρει το YouHodler;

On YouHodler you can:

  • Buy & Sell Digital Assets
  • Save 17 Crypto, 7 Stable Coins & 4 Fiat Currencies
  • Earn Interest on your Crypto
  • Receive Loans with Crypto as Collateral
  • Increase profit (and risk) through Mutli-HODL TurboCharge
More on the Complete YouHodler Guide ▶

Μπορώ να Ανοίξω Λογαριασμό από την Ελλάδα;


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Risk Disclaimer: MoneyMinority is not an investment advisor. These guides are not meant to be investment advice but rather personal experiences/opinions of the writer. Investing = RISK. Investing on Crypto = EVEN MORE RISK.

Read more on the Risks & Affiliate Disclaimers of MoneyMinority.

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